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Monday, June 30, 2008

Scary stuff

You know those people that end up being crazy when they grow up, I met one today, this was a 4yo child that had some issues. What issues you ask, well for one he does not like his little sister, and I'm not talking about like rough play, I'm talking about his parents lock all the drawers in the house because he likes knifes, and one time they forgot and he took a knife and hid it under his pillow, they found it quickly and asked him what he was going to do with it and he said he was going to cut his sisters arms off. He also states that red was his favorite color because that is what is inside him. And also that he wanted to push his sister down the stairs.

Through out he had no real response, he didn’t feel bad, he was just mater of fact about this all. He almost looked through you when he talked, he did respond to you and was social it was just creepy the way he talked and looked at you.

So to conclude, it was different, and on a lighter not I did a interview with a mom and 2 non medicated ADHD kinds in an exam room, it was crazy, two kids that cant stop moving and cant focus for long makes for some, well, interesting events.


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