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Friday, September 05, 2008


So life is like a good long run, maybe that is why I like them so much… Life is hard; it requires a lot of thought, feeling, perseverance, passion, and will. Sure you need other things but with those you can do almost anything, at least that I how I feel. Everything you do is a risk benefit assessment. Just like running…

So you start a long run and everything is fine, and sure it is a little hard as time goes on but its not too bad. At some times you hit these places where you can just turn around and make it a shorter run but that is not what you are out there for. You continue to run and then at some point you hit the formidable wall. This place where no matter how well you thought you were doing you just feel like crap, you cant breath, you hurt, you just want to crawl in a hole and die a little, sounds great right… all in all it is this great combination of fatigue that comes right at the time when you realize how much more you have to run, and you body starts to ache, and you are aware to how tired you are, all of this comes at the same time and in truth you just want to stop and walk.

But what if you walk, will you really start running again once you feel better, can you really say you went for a long run if it is interrupted by a 5min rest. Can you ever get back to that same run you were on before?

Not to say that if you stop you have failed, life is not black and white and neither is running, if you do stop you have some nice options, you can hall your ass in to gear start again and if you want it enough you can easily get back to where you were on a run. And stopping doesn’t mean that you can’t try again. If you fail and don’t try again isn’t that worse then failing again.

With those questions you just have to put your shoulder in to it and push through it. It is not fun and not easy but trust me on one fact, once you push through that wall and you are clearly on the other side you will know, and everything is ok. You think about how stupid it would have been to stop and you thank yourself for not quitting. It is great in every way, you feel stronger, mostly because you know that if you can push through that then you can push through anything, that is why I run.

How is this like life? Sometime its hard, sometimes you just have to push through the shit and hope that when it is all said and done that it was worth it, or you just hope it is. In the end what is worse… the crap you have to push through, or never knowing what is on the other side of that wall.

you learn a lot about the type of person you are when you hit any wall weather it be running or in life, and find out how you handle it, in running I hit it once a week on my nice long run, in life well those creep up on you and you just have to stay true to who you are and what you believe and know that it is not getting hit that matters but how you handle hardship that truly test you character as a human being.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

< 1 hour

So I set around this afternoon, actually looking in the mirror, I brush my teeth, shave and actually think about how I look for the first time in months, why do I do this you may ask? For a woman, is there any better reason? So how will thing work out for our goof ball of a hero, I think we will see, in the end we will all see and everything will be ok. I will keep this page, that no one reads, up to date with all future information. Now I am off to see the love of my life, wish me luck.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

good day

Ok so two things

One a Dr who doesn’t do primary care asked me how to treat a patient, and she was serious, it was an ear infection which might be the only think I know how to treat so I answered and she took my recommendation, it was awesome.

Second, I found out that my clinic is just far enough from the main hospital that I get paid to drive there. It is only 20-25 min away, mostly highway, and is about the same driving time as some closer clinics, but its all about the mileage, and I get paid $0.505 a mile.

So if I get 25MPG and gas is like $4 here that is $0.16 per mile, so I am making $0.345 per mile I drive and it is 16 miles so x2 round trip = 32miles x0.345 = $11.04 in profit every Friday, that doesn’t sound like much but… if I work 50times a year that is $552.00 and ill take that. Yay extra unforeseen money.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

First day


So today was the first day of clinic, it was not bad, I think that I will like clinic. The funny thing is that I was informed that I am the only male resident in the peds clinic at canton, so needles to say that for the next three weeks at least I have 3 patients, all 10-13yo males for their school physical exam, I can’t wait.

So clinic went well, I got to present a patient, give my opinion and was not completely wrong. I did have a pt cancel so that was sad but other then that it went well. I'm sure I will have more to come from clinic

Oh and I don’t have to wear that white coat there either.

2+ hours

Today I went to my behavioral clinic and went in to my patients room at like 9:30 and didn’t leave from that room until 12. the last 15-20 min were spent with the attending and the family giving my 15 min summary of the 2+ hour interview.

So what did I do you 2 hours, I talked and listened, this kid is messed up, and there were 4 parents in the room, telling me every fact about this kid as well as the most thorough HPI, PHM, SH, FH, and a 2 page ROS. We will do the physical exam next week, because the child was not in the room, after all it is hard for parents to tell how out of control and scary their kid is when he is in the room.

The best part was the end, so I had just spent 2 hours in a room talking to parents, spent 20min presenting, and then the attending talked to the parents for at lest 5. we walk out of the room and the attending looks at me and tells me that my presentation was one of the best full presentations she has heard, she congratulated me on my summary but then more so told me that the manor of which I did it was perfect, she told me that I did it in a completely nonaccusatory, nonjudgmental way that cant be taught. She also told me that I have already found my nitch and thinks I should go into behavioral medicine. It was the best complement that I have ever received as a Dr. it was awesome.

Thursday, July 10, 2008


So here is your health info for the day, statins, or HMG CoA reductase inhibitors, or cholesterol medicine, has been approved for children over 8years old. Why does a 8yo need cholesterol medication, because he/she is fat, why too much intake, not enough out put/ exercise. It is a sad world when a 8yo has to take medicine to lower cholesterol. People are getting problems younger and younger because of the obesity tolerance in America, now that might sound harsh but people, parents just don’t see it as a problem, a well fed child is not necessarily a healthy kid. It just makes me cry on the inside that these kids that have no control in what they eat are starting off so poorly with all these problems, it has been said that this current generation might have a lower life expectancy then their parents.

Saturday, July 05, 2008

quote of the day

“How much do your balls weigh”

I just walked up in line at the grocery store when the bagger said this to the teller. Needless to say I laughed out loud because either I walked in on a interesting conversation that was for adult ears only, or I walked in on a conversation at just the right time to maximize humor.

So he smiled looked at the bagger and said, you should probably say bowling balls, then he looked at me and said “we were talking about bowling”

It didn’t matter that much, it was funny

Friday, July 04, 2008

Coolest movie line:

"I love you"

"I know"