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Monday, October 22, 2007


"By dubbing someone so respected, so talented and so kind, as someone who just happens to be also homosexual, she's reinforcing the idea that a person's gayness is not something of which they should be ashamed."

This quote is in reference to the fact that it has been released that Albus Dumbledore is gay.

Ill let this sit in for a little while you think of how this doesn’t matter, I just wanted to show you that someone used the word gayness, I could say more but just the use of the word makes me smile.

Friday, October 19, 2007


Just an update, I know I already talked about this but today I was staring off into space with some lab results up on computer so it looked like I was working when one of the Drs said to a nurse, “wow that ring is beautiful” my ears perked up because of the tone in her voice was that of amazement. It was an impressive ring and I’m a guy who doesn’t know anything and I could see that. The nurses response was nice, “thank you”. The Dr responded, “I didn’t even know you were married.” And the nurses final response, “Ya, he gave this to me about a year and a half ago and hasn’t given me anything since.”

I like the appreciation

I wonder if women really know how much that piece of metal with a compressed chunk of carbon, on their finger is worth.

In her defense I’m sure that she loves it but is just trying not to make a big deal of the ring by making a joke, and in no way is upset what so ever about the fact that he husband has not given her more gifts. And I’m sure that she has also bought him a gift of the same value, although she did say yes and that probably was priceless for him…so they are even-ish

Thursday, October 18, 2007


People are great.

I know that I might not sound like I like people sometimes and I have to admit that sometimes I don’t like them that much but all in all they are great. You don’t get to see how great people are in real life, with traffic, elevators, hallways, counters, and all the other places you see people. I think the problem is that we don’t see people all the time. We go around and we see are cars getting in our way, things that fill up an elevator, roadblocks in life, a means to an end.

Nothing makes me happier then to see someone give a real smile

I like people, its hard for me to say it sometimes, but it is true. Don’t get me wrong, I am completely happy the days where I get to not talk to anyone and just be. But when I am forced out in the wild where the people roam I can’t ignore the amazing world we live in and however you look at it people are a part of it.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

men are like milk?

So funny story, I was sitting in the PICU (pediatric intensive care unit) and one of the nurses received a nice letter and baked cake from her BF. Now first of all mad props to the guy, from my observations girls love cake, even more so chocolate cake, and a thoughtful letter on top of that makes for a flawless victory. Now although it was discussing to listen to every nurse ohh and ahh over this letter it was nice to know that if I do decide to do something nice it might get told to other women, thus increasing my street cred. So after some time I heard things like, “I whish my husband would do that”, “you are so lucky” and lastly “you should make sure you keep that, so in the future you can remind him of how he used to be” this has perturbed me no end.

One, it implies that he will be less romantic, this is a big problem. First of all I get it, us guys like to impress the lady we are with and as time go on even the best of us may do less because the need to impress goes down. But to imply that it will happen is ridiculous. It brings up the idea that us guys are more like milk, and not like wine. Our women are like wine they get better with age as you discover the hidden flavors and aromas and the delayed gratification that comes with savoring every once of greatness, and longing for it never to end. Guys on the other hand are like milk, needless to say mild is great, but give it two weeks and well it is good.. another two weeks well… lest just throw it out and not open it up to find out. This hypothesis is preposterous it is vastly negative towards guys. Plus if surprises were given too often then they mean less it what make them surprises, it shouldn’t be the gifts you get but the love you give.

Lets just clarify, I said “it shouldn’t be the gifts you get but the love you give” it is not a competition, in a relationship you should do things for the other and not expect anything in return. Ideally, of course people will give, and be happy of the joy that their partner has. But instead it is easier to bitch about how your man doesn’t give you more.

Good question; How often do women surprise their man with thoughtful gifts?

Lastly and most important, why would someone say this. I mean there is this girl who is obviously showing everyone who great her man is and how happy he makes her, so the most obvious way to bring her down is to bring words of doom and destroy as much hope as possible. I don’t understand this most of all. In the world I live in, which I believes population is decreasing more and more each day, when someone is happy you accept their happiness and congratulate them on is for one day you will be happy and would not expect someone to rain on your parade. I understand jealousy but I also understand keeping you mouth shut, plus its nice to see people happy and not taking for granted what they have or have been given.

Tuesday, October 09, 2007


So I was thinking about relationships recently, and not just about my relationship, but about them in general. They are a funny thing:

You often hear the phrase opposites attract which I guess is true you often find really nice girls going out with total jerk faces, and the idea holds up, I'm sure we all know people that really should not go out with each other but do even though they have nothing in common and eventually fight all the time. And that’s great for them. But as a guy I have to believe that this opposite attracting thing only seems to work one way. Take for example… me, I would like to think I’m an ok guy, above average in more then 50% of my qualities but whatever, when I was single I was a conservative, nerdy, nice guy, and so according to the opposites attract rule I should have been making out all the time with the most popular girls in school but if you ask my friends that didn’t, doesn’t and never will happen. It just is not fair. Which make me think that if it is not fair, and doesn’t work out that way then where did the phrase come from?

Well I was thinking about it and it could only come from one place. A guy didn’t make it up because he was either not benefiting form like me, getting nothing from being nice, or he was getting a lot of action with a nice girl, lets face it a jack ass with a nice girl is not going to sit around a ponder why he is so lucky. So the only other source would have to be a… what was that other option… oh yes, a girl. and it makes perfect sense, think about it, a nice girl is going out with this ass and she knows It, but is still attracted to him because she is a girl and girls are much more superficial then guys, its true, so instead of just admitting that she is attracted to this bad boy image and that is what she likes she simply concludes, while cleverly using a pun from magnetic principles, that opposites attract. This both satisfies her by giving an excuse and gives an impressive logical deduction that only the smartest physicist could decipher through.

At least this is how I felt, oddly enough it is true. Most relationships are built on opposites. Let’s face it my Sarah and I have a lot of things in common and superficially you would assume that we are very similar, we are. But I find that in most good long relationships there exists a sort of yin and yang balance. So it goes that this thing that you once liked because you could share the same thoughts and feelings on issues suddenly becomes this thing that as you explore more you realize that you have less and less in common with. And not just things like I like ketchup and you like mustard but deep philosophic differences and a complete difference in how you view this world we live in. but, it doesn’t matter, well some things would matter, but all in all as time goes on and you get past that honeymoon period where everything is sunshine and rainbows it becomes less about a red and blue line traveling in time together and becomes more of a, well lets just say green harmonious line that is neither red, blue, or a simple combination of the two but an entirely new creation.

Let’s face it; most good relationships have this constant struggle and constant compromise. There is usually and extrovert and an introvert. Sadly I always thought that I would be the introvert in my relationship because if you knew me would think that I am, but I actually found someone that make me be the extrovert and I’m ok with it but, although there are some off examples two introverts or two extroverts just doesn’t work in my mind. There are tons of examples of this idea from from the fact that girls usually think with their hearts and guys are usually more analytical and think with their head. The guy waits for the girl to get dressed when he will never understand how it can take 10 minutes to put on jeans and a t-shirt, and the girl waits until the end of football game not because she understands how it is important but because it is just what happens when two people accept that there will be differences, they wont understand them, and that these differences somehow bring them closer. Two different perspectives not understand the other is always better then one blind perspective

The world is infinite and all accessible