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Tuesday, July 01, 2008


So I had my first medical student today. Now I have had other medical students follow me but as a student. This was the first time that I had one follow me as a Dr. I have to say it was a little stressful, I mean here is this student on his second month of clinical rotations and he has been entrusted to me, to bestow my very limited knowledge upon. I think that I did well over all, it was interesting because he was the only one with a whit coat on, and the only one with a stethoscope, I guess that shows you all how good of a Dr I am. But any way it went well. I think that I taught him a little and I let him do some of the talking during the interview. I still think that my JPs (junior partners) did a little better but over all I think I feel a little more comfortable having someone follow me because it was not the first time, but it was the first time I was expected to know things. Any way, it will probably happen many more times though out the next few years and I think it should be ok, unless I get a dud. oh i dislike the duds...


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