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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

any who 1

Why is it that in movies that when thy guy messes things up that he is expected to show this huge display of emotional regret and make some impressive gesture of apology to win back the girl but for some unknown and impressively unfair reason when they make rare movies where the girl actually does something wrong she simply states that she is sorry and the guy will welcome her back into his life.

Example: hitch will smith does nothing wrong in the movie and is not the one to mess up but in the end is the one that has to win the girl back

Example the devil wears prada, Anne Hathaway clearly messed up, completely alienates her friends and gets her priorities way off and states a simple sorry and her man excepts her back

Well I personally find this disturbing, does this mean that I am being told that as a guy I must simply accept the downfall on women and forgive them for any thing done wrong to me and in return if I mess up I am told that to get things back to normal I must sho a great display to win back trust.

Or…am I reading this all wrong and this is instead telling me that I must be loyal and vigilant in my actions and take apologies when they come if the are good and true. And at the same time telling girls to be warry of lies and to be untrustworthy and that only with a action can a sorry really be sorry. Maybe that is why it is customary for a man to buy flowers or chocolates when he has done wrong but there is no equal standard for women to give us men.

Now, one may say that men messup more then women and that is why the need for this sorry action but I would imagion that by now women would be used to the stupidity of men and wave it off as the norm but maybe I am just assuming that logic is the thought process of woman which is almost laughable.

Any who, it is an interesting idea… think about it.