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Friday, December 17, 2004

To B.S. I go!!!

Well now it is finally over, and to all my UMKC friends I wish you all a great break, I will see you on the 17th. To anyone who I will see at BS, I guess I will see you for a month and I look forward to it. To a certain someone I look forward to spend time with you most of all and I just hope that it won’t be too short and that you don’t get tired of me. Well everyone have a good holiday break. If anyone needs me call my cell phone 510-0364. Now I bid you good by, and my blog will start up again on the 17th-ish with a plethora of new rants

Wednesday, December 15, 2004

one down

Well it is finally over. I know how much a lot of you will miss Dr Thomas, Keith you don’t have to lye anymore we all know that you secretly love him. Either way, neuro is finally over and the teacher still made the test easy despite some of our classmates’ unethical approach to the test. So yay for everyone. And to all who read this good luck on Friday, because it will not be so easy.

Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Chris’ rant # 88

Ok well to most of you who probably read my blog today’s rant probably doesn’t surprise you but it is about cheating. Well so we have this test coming up tomorrow and it came out that people had copied the old tests even though they weren’t supposed to and have been giving them to people. Well, these people I guess offered it to someone that has a conscience and this person came out and told the teacher. The test was set up with 30 questions from old tests and the teacher through those out. First of all good for this person, it takes real guts to come out against people doing the wrong thing. secondly cheating is wrong. And thirdly I will not say that I am perfect because I have cheated before in high school and I have cheated in college in some of the labs, but once you get at a certain place in med school you should at least try to do the work honestly. I would like to tell the people that read this that I do know the names of the people in trouble, but do not know the name on the person that told, and I would be happy to tell you Friday because I promised the person that told me that I would hold off telling the names until finals are over. the thing that really upsets me about this is that I had studied the info that was taken off the test and I could have at least used that wasted time to sleep or study other things. Oh ya, and word to the wise, if you are going to cheat I give you two helpful hints:

1. Do it well and make sure you don’t get caught.

2. Don’t get greedy, the more you cheat the greater the chances of getting caught.

3. Keep it small, the more people that know the greater the chance that you will get ratted out.

4. Cheating is a lot like premarital sex. If you do it a lot and are not smart about it you are bound to be unpleasantly surprised when you have to deal with the consequences, but if you don’t do it at all you never have to worry about the consequences and in the end you get a lot more out of it.

Thursday, December 09, 2004

Chris’ rant # 87

Did you know that Whistler, from the movie blade, is played by an actor named Kris Kristofferson. That has to be the coolest name ever. It sounds like a name that you would make up. Well that is about all I just found that out and I’m sure that to some people that is old news but I just wanted to tell someone even though I might just be talking to myself.

Chris’ rant # 86

Ok so there is this Florida couple that has decided to go on strike against their kids because the kids don’t do anything around the house. The mom and the dad state that they have tried everything to get their kids to do stuff around the house but nothing has worked. Here is the article
So this is how I see the situation. Obviously these parents need to realize something, it is as much their fault as the kids. They say that they have done everything but that just means that they have tried everything now. They must have done something at some point to allow their kids to get this way. My little sister doesn’t clean after her self but that is because if she lets her room get to dirty or lets her clothes in her room pile up, at some point my dad or step-mom will just go in and clean it up for her. If you don’t expect your kids to clean up when they are young you cant just decided one day that they should and go on strike, it is your problem, you made your kids the way that they are, and you should deal with it. Secondly I would also like to remind the parents that they are the parents. They should be able to put their kids outside in a tent and because it is their house they should live in it, but in this situation there is a problem because if this happened they would be considered bad parents and they would probably get into trouble. Thus bringing up the final point people are stupid.

chris' rant # 85

Well I was wondering what I was going to talk about today, so I sat at my computer and pondered many possible topics of interest that are affecting my life including politics, religion, and general world issues that affect all of us daily. To help my thinking process I do what I do most of the time when I find myself stuck at my computer, I play some minesweeper and put on some music. Now recently I made a rant about my new amazing minesweeper time of 94 seconds. However that time fails in comparison to my new best time and the fastest time I have ever seen, 92 seconds. Now to get a time like this it is some luck but I mostly think it has to do with the music that you have playing in the background, during this new record I was listening to American Pie by Don McLean. I am a firm believer in what I call a "power song". A power song is simply a song that when you listen to it you somehow obtain great strength, skill, or overall greatness. A power song is not the same for everyone, and some songs only work for specific circumstances. For example, when you are working out you don’t want to listen to love songs, or when your trying to play a video game you don’t want to here Enya, unless if that is what gets you in the kicking ass mood because I know people that Enya works wonders on. Any way, I got 92 seconds and I rock. And power songs are real and thank you American Pie

there i just wanted to put this here so i could remember it forever, until i get my next best time Posted by Hello

Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Well I would just like to say that I have decided to advance and start to post my thoughts on this "blog" thing. I will try to post random thoughts, quotes, or other things that I find on the Internet. Mostly I think that I am going to start to post my rants here and just use my away message for time when I am actually away. I am still trying to figure out some things so I’m sorry if it is not perfect.


Ok well I am starting this blog and soon it will be full of stuff, now I am just setting it up but I hope to start adding things by tonight.