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Tuesday, January 02, 2007


So the new year, a time when people flood my normal gym to fulfill their new years resolution that they will loose weight, most will work out for a month then realize they don’t look like a super model, fall into a depression and gain back the 5 pounds that the lost. Well its times like this when I keep putting 06 on everything and scratching it out to put 07 that I like to think about my last year on a superficial basis and see where I have come from in 06

Well 2006, I have to say that of many years in the past 06 was full of some highs and some lows for my, and some rather large moments as well as small ones that I will remember forever, in 06 I started the year by studying for what I call the biggest test of my life, the USMLE step 1 exam, I studied for 6 months for this one test and well that is a lot of studying, but 8 hours and 350 questions later it was all over and then 3 weeks later I found out I passed, so it was worth it. now I have to come to the realization that one day in the future I will be an actual Dr.

In 06 while I was studying I lost my grandpa to non small cell CA of the lung, probably from his 40 years of smoking. He was a good man, a great grandpa and I will miss him, he taught me most of what I know about being true, kind, and a gentleman. The world lost a good person

I went to Colorado for the first time in like 2 years which was amazing, I loved every moment there and can’t wait to go back some time this summer

I think I officially went crazy with the whole working out thing, I have been doing it in 05 but 06 I officially am addicted to it and well if I really think about it in the last year I have become much better in most aspects of which I am trying to get better in, one year ago I though 10min miles were ok where as now if I put up anything > 7:30s I am, well… not so pleased with myself. Swimming well I will never get back to my 1:54 200 but im ok with it because well I heart swimming, and well I think I might have gotten into biking more then anything, I got my killer new bike, that if I was not on it would probably go like 25mph anyway so now I just have to catch up with it.

I started my clinical rotations this year and might I just say that I love kids, and dislike OB/GYN, that’s enough about medicine

Probably most memorable, I met a girl, actually I met her before that new year but she was just a girl before then that I thought that I might like, well… a year changes a lot of things. This girl affectionately known as my sarah or just sarah. I met at the Y, and I would say that we hit it off well. Now you might ask what “well” means. I would say that it means that I met her and did just enough to get her to like me and not get thrown into the dreaded waters of the “friend zone” where at the same time not doing too much to think I was crazy or send her running for the hills. We seemed to hit things off, she reluctantly agreed to go on a first date with me, she is also rolling her eyes reading this, it all went well and fasting forward she simply said could not resist me and my wild charm that she seems to find somehow appealing. It was no secret for us but she did go off to a far away land called ann arbor, where she now goes to school, we are now doing this whole long distance thing and I have to point out the wording there, we are not trying this distance thing, because I would say that at this time we officially are doing well. It was hard to see her go, and it is always hard to say good bys. So she is far away which only means that I don’t get to see her enough although even when she is in BS I wish I could see her more, and speaking of seeing her, she is defiantly easy on the eyes. Sorry but I said this would be superficial and if I went deeper, well my fingers would cramp up and only those who have read war and peace would have the patience to read that much ridicules rambling.

Well I think that this might be pretty much it for my 06, anything else would be to small for others to think was worth it and many would not understand the amazing complex inside joke structure I was using