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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Chris’ rant # 144

Today someone gave me crap for getting excited about candy. Well first of all its candy and that’s awesome so they can shove it up their ass. Second of all, I hate it when people try to act too grown up. And grown up is a horrible idea because it sounds like you can either be grown up or not. Its not that I think that you shouldn’t get more mature when you get older but you should instead just get smarter about when you can act goofy. Its funny because it seams that people try to act really grown up when they start high school like my sister acts sometimes, although I think that she is getting over some of that. Then at some point you realize how much energy it take to try and act cool all the time and you give up. Then as you progress through life in theory you should shed your childish acts and mannerisms and adopt a more sophisticated and boring approach to what you do. I can be serious when I need to but when I don’t have to I’m not. I think that most people should get that stick up their ass looked at by a professional. After all its remember when you were a kid and how excited you could get about the littlest things, like candy, why do we all have to loose that when we get older. I personally don’t think we have to and will hold onto it as long as possible. Enjoy the little things in life there are so many of them that people look over every day that I cant even begin to list them, after all the big things don’t come often enough.

Chris’ rant # 143

So I was hanging out with some of my friends and they got me talking about girls and past relationships, specifically red heads. By the way I love red heads, and they asked a bunch of questions which I don’t mind answering any questions people have but it always makes me embarrassed, or upset. not upset at the people asking but at myself and just talking about it makes me look back on all the great red heads or girls in general I have met or gone out with or only gone out one a date or two with. I have to say that when I look at it I would say I have been lucky to have met so many great girls but in the end they are all just memories and some not as good as others. I wish I could have changed some things, although I try not to regret the past because of the current lack of an ability to change it, it doesn’t mean that I wish things might be different. This might be my thought now because I’m alone and I cant help but think that if I could have done things differently I could be with one of these girls. But I’m not. Interestingly enough, about two weeks ago I just happen to see two of these girls from my past and theses girls were not my greatest successes nor my greatest failures, because you learn most from your failures. but non the less I had to run into them and although I am over them there is just something about seeing someone who rejected you or screwed you over. Its kind of like someone showing you a last place ribbon, it has no purpose, it hurts, and makes you think about the past and how close you thought you were from succeeding but how far from it you ended up. Poo-crap-face

Chris’ rant # 142

So this one time I was talking to some guys about X-men, for those of you who don’t care about comic books this rant has a deeper point. So one of the guys said something about magneto and how he can control metal and I said well actually he controls magnetic fields thus having the control over magnetic objects. Well interestingly enough both of the two people I was talking to thought I was wrong which I’m not so this was incredibly difficult to argue against two people. Now after a while with no ability to prove these people wrong I eventually gave up. My point is this, one people are stupid, two it is impossible to argue against one person who swears that they are right but two is down right impossible. No matter how much you try if two people think you are wrong then you can’t win unless you get help. And it is frustrating as hell to even try because all they have to do is stick with each other and you loose even if you are right. Sometimes in life we try to do everything by ourselves and most of us can do it if we really try but there comes specific instances when you actually need something or someone’s help and I’m not just talking about comic book arguments or even arguments in general. Sometimes it is nice to have something that has your back no matter how wrong you are.

Thursday, July 14, 2005

Chris’ rant # 141

So funny story if by funny I mean scary and I almost died, or killed someone, or both. So I’m driving today like I often do and I was about to get to a intersection in the road that is a two way stop and my road doesn’t stop. As I approached the intersection there was a car stopped and as I got closer the person in the car decided to make a move. Forgetting the rules of the road, she moved forward. Luckily our hero, myself, knowing not to ever trust people, saw thins in advance and slammed on my breaks. My car came to a screeching halt and as it did I did what most normal people would do and honked my horn and prayed. When my car finally stopped moving forward, embarrassingly I had plenty of room to spare, about 2-3 feet. And because when she heard my car screaming to a halt she did what most people do and stopped her car as well, leaving my car’s hood right dead smack in the middle of her car and with me facing forward looking right at her. That’s right if I would not have been as quick, speeding, or not have been paying attention knowing that I had the right away and assuming that everyone would obey the law I easily could have t-boned her car and well I don’t imagine it would have been pretty, mostly for her. Now at thins point I am shitting myself realizing what almost occurred and she does the most amazing thing, by the way I’m not surprised it’s a woman. She holds up her hand and mouths the same word that her hand is conveying, I’m sorry… I’M SORRY!!! What? I almost kill you and the best you have is, my bad, I’m sorry, whoops a daisy, and then she drives off leaving my life forever, like most women do. I on the other hand, am left alone in the middle of the intersection questioning life, religion, predestination, fate, luck, death and the stupidity of man. That is about where I am now, I will keep you posted on my near murder.

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Chris’ rant # 140

Life guarantees us certain, certainties. One that I have often been amazed with is the human ability to find fault. All people can find fault well but in particular I have always been impressed in women’s ability for this. I think that this stems from a couple of things. One, as a guy I hardly notice anything that is out of my own world how ever small that is, what I wore yesterday, what anyone wore today, what other people are doing, what someone name is that I have never talked to. All of these I don’t know and it doesn’t bother me but girls in this matter have surpassed men by at least a million, they know everything that don’t care about and everything about things that I don’t even think about. This ability plus the second, which is severe low self-esteem, combined are a deadly combo. Girls it seams are trying to find something to make themselves look or feel better and this come out in many ways one is nagging which I could probably make an entire rant on and the other if fault finding. Girls will tear other girls apart verbally and behind their backs to such an extent that if this energy would be converted in to actual energy the world would either explode or we would no longer have any type of energy crises ever. Girls make fun of what other girls/people are wearing to make themselves feel better about their similar wardrobe, which is useless because us guys look at a whole lot more before I even realize what a girl is wearing. And my personal favorite is what happens when a hot girl is around because other girls will either say she is too big or too small has too much in one part or too little in another. Either way they will point out that this hot girl is not perfect and oh well because if you asked this girl if she was perfect she could probably point out 10 more things that she doesn’t like about herself and she probably makes fun of hotter girls. It’s a vicious circle, it needs to stop, and it is useless. Hell I know I have enough problems to deal with on my own and I’m sure girls have more because if you talk to any girl they are always worse off then you are so my advise. leave your fellow girls alone and focus your ultimate power on something constructive, and if you cant find anything constructive then just man bash hell we are almost perfect so I thing we can handle it.

ormdna prac # 3

ok well I turned 22 this weekend and I had a great time and thanks to all my friends who remembered my birthday and oh well if you didn’t. So this last year has been quite the bit of fun for me and I figure I would right some bit of knowledge to share with you all about things I have learned and how I changed. First of all I am a stubborn ass and don’t change very easily so any chance I have is small at best. I would say I have learned to be patient a little bit more. Its not easy but things come when they will and you cant do much about it, go with the flow when you have too and stand up for your self when you know you can do something. I learned that you should not be blinded by the shinny coin at the bottom of the shark tank. I still think that people are inherently evil but I have found that if you look hard enough you can find people in the wood work that are nice and good, good luck searching. Everyone has something good in them just it takes a lot of digging to find it in some, and I don’t have a lot of time to waste, I need to work on this. Taking risks can be the best thing in the world when you get what you want, and if you don’t get what you want then its ok too, by the way I am still deathly afraid of taking risks. Finding what doesn’t work is just as important as finding what does. Go to the roof of a building and just sit and be the king of the roof. Most of all thanks to all of you who have to listen to me rant all the time.

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

rmonda rcap # 2

I have 130+ freckles on my fingers. Please don’t ask why but I thought that I would count them and I was extremely bored so I counted them and kept tract by marking each one with a black pin so I didn’t count the same one twice. Anyway, I have quite a few freckles and just wanted to share that. At one point I looked up what they were and I found like a million sites about how to get rid of them. Now I know that people with freckles are usually fair skinned so they are not usually the most tannest people in the world but personally I like freckles. A little bit of freckles on the noes and cheeks to an overabundance all over the arms and face. Either way freckles are cute as can be. Hell just look at me for an example.

drmnoa apcr # 1

Puddles are awesome, I don’t know why but for some reason I cant help splashing even a little when a puddle is around. Although it might be a little childish it is fun and it is even funner when you get to splash in the rain with a bunch a girls around you because water can do quite a bit of damage to girls feet especially when they are in sandals anyway. Either way water is just water, and splashing is just fun

Something different

So my non rant facts are starting I figure I have securred a way to complain and my dayly quote thing fell through pretty hard core so me new posts will be dedicated to being happy, or whatever I want. Like the opposite of my rant this will have topics that make me happy or something good happened to me, or if I want to say something but not complain. Now this might not be as good as my rant but I guess we will see?

Monday, July 11, 2005

Chris’ rant # 139

Well I have an opinion to share with you all, I’m sure not all of you will agree but, sorry. Cats suck. I know it is hard to take at first so I will just let it settle in for a while…

Ok lets try that again, cats suck. I can tell that was a little easier to take so I will go on. I personally am a dog person. Mans best friend really is mans best friend. You can train a dog, dogs are cuter, and dogs like to spend time with their owner. Lets begin, you can train a dog, you can teach a dog trick and based on how much work you put into them depend on your control over you dog, on the other hand cats sit around and lick themselves and pee in a box. Dogs care about their owner. When I come home my dog jumps up and down with excitement at the top of my stairs no matter what time it is when I get home cats rat and sit around a lot. You can play with dogs, like fetch or tug a war or if you dog is 100 pounds ever wrestle, cats… um… play with yarn balls? Lastly dogs are cuter then cats, I could explain but that’s just obvious. Now puppies Vs kittens is too close to call because kittens are cute times 100 and so are puppies but no matter what they grow up and well kittens just fall apart and become lazy licking lollygaggers where as dogs become super spectacular spectacles.