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Monday, June 30, 2008

Scary stuff

You know those people that end up being crazy when they grow up, I met one today, this was a 4yo child that had some issues. What issues you ask, well for one he does not like his little sister, and I'm not talking about like rough play, I'm talking about his parents lock all the drawers in the house because he likes knifes, and one time they forgot and he took a knife and hid it under his pillow, they found it quickly and asked him what he was going to do with it and he said he was going to cut his sisters arms off. He also states that red was his favorite color because that is what is inside him. And also that he wanted to push his sister down the stairs.

Through out he had no real response, he didn’t feel bad, he was just mater of fact about this all. He almost looked through you when he talked, he did respond to you and was social it was just creepy the way he talked and looked at you.

So to conclude, it was different, and on a lighter not I did a interview with a mom and 2 non medicated ADHD kinds in an exam room, it was crazy, two kids that cant stop moving and cant focus for long makes for some, well, interesting events.

Sunday, June 29, 2008


I have business cards, that’s right the hospital gives them to you, and I have to say that they are the coolest cards I have ever had

note the MD and the cool big block M they like that M here

Thursday, June 26, 2008


Don’t get me wrong I feel bad for all sick kids, but I feel really bad for cerebral palsy patients, basically they have a bad central motor pathway, damaged at birth that causes spastic, dyskinetic, or ataxic problems that is a non progressive problem. The thing is that there is variation of symptoms form mild to bad. The thing that is hardest for me is that some of these patients are in no way intellectually disabled, they look disfigured with arms and or legs twisted, and they may not have the ability to communicate but they are not dumb. It just makes me feel bad for someone who has no way of communicating and cant move. It is a horrible prison to live and be aware but not be able to move or communicate. And these kids are so nice, every one of them have a smile on their face and are great fun to talk to. I like treating children that the world does not give a chance, I think that is why I like today and I like genetics.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

day 2

Well day two, and don’t worry I wont keep track up to like day 3. today was fun, it is funny that I'm in day 2 and I feel so much more ready for this day then yesterday. Its nice to know that it will be possible to find my niche in the hospital, even if it is like 3 years away I at least know it is there.

I found out today that being an intern is like being a celebrity, any time you meet people they are like, “oh HI, you must be one of the new interns” then they have all these questions. It is like being a new member in a super stressful club. And everyone know what you are about to go through, and everyone is nice knowing that they went through it, so they are all nice. Plus its like the opposite of school where when you start you are scum and have to build yourself up, in this world everyone knows that you are at the bottom but ahs some type of odd respect that one day you will be higher and instead of brutality, people show you kindness because we all know that the program will be brutal.

So today I am the famous intern tomorrow I will be nothing and in the future I will make one of the interns feel just as cool.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

day 1

I started work today, that’s right today I introduced myself as a Dr. I know that I am an adult now, and I should act like one but I don’t feel that way. I have to admit that saying “hello my name is Chris ill be one of the doctors seeing you today” or hello my name is Christopher Edwards ill de the doctor seeing you today” or best yet “hi, I'm Dr Edwards” is awesome. I mean really it is the coolest thing in the world, and it is a complete power trip as well, I mean you just say the word and these people think that you know everything and can help them with anything that they throw your way. Its like that word makes these parents trust you completely and you can ask them anything about their kid and they just tell you because they think that it is important somehow, I should think of funny things to ask just to see if I can get a answer. However, it is so weird to think that I will have some medical student following me in the next weeks to months that will take what I say as the final word and I have to teach when I was one of them like 1 month ago.

So, on another note, it is day one and I hate parents. I don’t really hate parents but I wanted to hit two of them in the face today. Here was this kid that has some form of autistic spectrum disorder and all they could talk about is that the other one is stupid because they just got divorced and obviously don’t get along. As I was talking to them I just wanted to stop them, tell them that “I don’t give a shit about what you all are saying and shove it up your ass because you both have a kid that has a problem and you two fighting all the time in front of him will make things worse, and after all if you two were real parents you would know that neither of you two are the most important person in the room, you son is, so grow up and be adults for him, by the way I'm the second most important person in the room”

Also there was this cute girl that was 5 and sat in my lap the entire interview, she was adopted and both of her parents said that she has never gone to someone so quick, she gave me one of her stickers and put it on my badge, I will have that sticker for the next three years to remind me what is important, I love my job