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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

apples or oranges? A&D

Well now we are at type A. these people like B, make the decision. Hands down apples. But the difference is that unlike B they make the decision based on the fact that they have little knowledge of oranges. These people live the fun and ease of ignorance. They have knowledge of apples, like apples, and will choose apples. It is a simple life. Problem being that they will never know the citrus goodness of oranges nor will they miss it because with lack of knowledge and ignoring this comes easy decisions.

Lets be honest, we all know these people, from the crazy god people to the person that simply lives their life the same day in and day out. The people that do not think of why they believe the just do. The same person that believes things because that is what they grew up knowing and that is how the small world they live in works.

And lastly type D, these people like C make no open decision, they choose both apples and oranges, the difference is that they make no decision at all. They both openly and personally make no choice, they see the infinite knowledge, know that they can’t know everything, and thus from fear of being wrong even from a wrong opinion they can not make a choice.

Now these people are a little more rare. You’ll find them if you look, that friend that just seems that they tag along, that person that that person that you just cant seem to get a straight answer out of. Simply put the person that is so worried about looking like a fool that they never put anything out there, and thus never puts themselves out there either.

So which one are you… ?

Monday, November 26, 2007

apples or oranges? B&C

Lets start in a order that makes sense to me, type B. there are these people in the world that when asked if they like either apples or oranges, they think about which one is the best and although the may like both they decide they like apples better. And they state they like apples better. It seems simple enough, a thought that we make every day. But in looking deeper these decisions are not so simple. These people are the people that have intelligence, they one have the knowledge of both and are aware of the all encompassing numerous possibilities that exist in this universe. They acknowledge the fact that they are mortal, and do not now nor will have all possible knowledge of apples or oranges; they accept their lack of infinite knowledge and simply make a choice based on their own experience. They do not fear the wrong decision, because it is their opinion. They state their current opinion hoping that who they express it to is smart enough to know that it is their opinion but in the process may sound ignorant because of the apparent black and white picture they project.

Then there is type C. these people when asked if they like apples or oranges do not make a decision, they state that they like both apples and oranges and recognize the positives of both. they know which one that they would like now but because of their knowledge of the impressive amount of infinite possibilities that exist in the would they would need more information to make a definitive choice because in life there exist many moments when and apple or orange would be better. Even though they have an opinion at the time they express an inclusive answer. These people may sound indecisive but their answerer in truth is inclusive of both. The key being that these people have an opinion but need to make sure they express openness.

apples or oranges?

So there are many types of people in the world, and many ways you can divide them all up in to groups, I’m sure that this a great surprise to you all. So what shall I rant about today… decisions. So this came to me when I was on a run today and I’m not sure why although it doesn’t matter. So when someone is asked to make a decision they have two options, to decide or not to decide. Seems simple enough one can either walk the line or cross it depending on what you believe. But within these two groups there is a division that can be split because of either fear/ ignorance, and the umbrella topic as intelligence. To begin and to get right into it there exist about 4 different types of people. Let’s call them A, B, C, and D people. So do you like apples or oranges, keep in mind that it can be expanded to more important decisions.