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Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Chris’ rant # 112

So today I went to the grocery store and as usual I have quite the story to tell. Unusually at price chopper nothing happened funny. Except I found this huge bottle of whole pickles an easy gallon for <$4. It was great. Then when I got the bottle home I set it down on my floor just wrong and it broke. I don’t know how but it broke and spilled pickle juice all over my floor, I then had to quickly stop the juice from spreading under my refrigerator, clean up the juice, put the pickles in zip lock bags, clean up all the glass, then throw away the trash that smelled like pickles. In then end all the pickles were saved and might I add they are great, but in the aftermath my apartment has been left with the smell of pickles.

Monday, March 21, 2005

Chris’ rant # 111

#1 – oh I forgot

Ok well here it is. This is the one thing that I despise above all else. I will try to make it short but it is the only thing that I can say that has ever gotten me livid mad. It is when someone makes a promise to me that they will do something with me, or involve me in something but either the time comes and they don’t involve me or they do this thing without me or they just break the plans all together. I’ve always thought that how someone keeps their word is the best representation of who they are as a person. Not keeping your word with someone is a choice to hurt people and it has always been very hard for me to forgive people that purposely hurt people. Now there are always reasons why you might not be able to keep a promise but I am more talking about people that just forget their promise. Its like they are forgetting you, and being forgotten or really puts you in your true place in a friendship…

Thursday, March 17, 2005

chris’ rant # 110

#2 – what time is it?

Ok well, simply put I hate being late and one thing that makes me more upset then being late is when other people are late. Well I don’t know where my hate for being late comes from but I have always disliked it. For example, at the Y where I work I give people so much crap for being late that usually before I meet someone they know me as the guy that they should be on time when he is there, it makes me happy that I am that anal. I like meeting them at the door with the clock in my hands. And the best thing about giving people crap about being late is the fact that I am never late. There have been some problems about yelling at people for being late, like I still haven’t decided if I will yell at Megan if she is late, but luckily she has been on time so far. Either way being late for some reason really bothers me times 1 million.

chris’ rant # 109

#3 – bitch bitch bitch

Ok well this one will be quick. People that complain all the time. People that no matter what will find something to be upset about, something to complain about, something that is not just how they want it. And believe me these people will let not just you but everyone know that they are unhappy. Now not to be sexist but this seems to be mostly a girl trait. Mostly I think they do it for attention, and believe me nothing makes me more annoyed then a girl complaining just to get attention. Except the next two things.

Chris’ rant # 108

#4 – so we are both right

Ok so now we are getting to the things that really bother me. When people think that they are right, but are not. One thing that really bothers me is when I know something, or I know I’m right and no one believes me. There is nothing worse then knowing you are right and having everyone think you are crazy. But then sometimes when people don’t believe you they go one step further and they think that they are right, which is their right as an American. But sometimes people will not listen to your side of the argument, which really pisses me off, so sometimes I have to prove myself to be right. But sometimes these people go too far, the truth comes out that they are wrong but they still despite the facts think that they are right. Or better yet my personal favorite is when people, after being proven wrong, try to conger up some crazy story that you both are right. That’s always a funny one, 2 people being right, when just a little while ago they both disagreed on the same thing. oh well, I guess some people are just so insecure that they cant let go and admit that they are wrong, everyone has some personal growth to do.

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Chris’ rant # 107

#5 – NO, you did well

Ok well for those of you who know me you probably know that my grammar is not the goodest in the world. But I am ok with this fact because I have been this way forever. But what really makes me mad is when people correct my grammar when I am talking, you know who you are. I’ve never understood why people do this is it a superiority complex and that is the only way they can feel better about themselves? Is it that they are so stupid that they can not convert good to well in their heads so they have to make sure that well was the intended meaning? Or is it that these people are so anal retentive and stupid that they believe that everyone should talk just like their high school English teacher told then how to Wright and they, because of the lack of people skills, have not been able to separate the real world from the world of proper grammar the was taught to them so long ago. Well either way I hate when people do this to me and I have been lucky in my life to come across people who have done this, a lot. Well I just wanted to say that I will talk how ever I want and as long as I get my point across I did good.

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Chris’ rant # 106

#6 – sorry to interrupt but…

Oh this is starting to annoy me just thinking about it. I hate it when you are telling a story or talking to someone and someone interrupts you. Now this has 2 parts to it, one is when someone interrupts you to tell you something you don’t care about like I’m going to the bathroom, which is just mildly annoying. The other, which is hands down the worst, is when someone you don’t know or don’t know well says "sorry to interrupt you but I was listening to your conversation and want to add something you don’t care about". Now not only is this rude as hell, but to make things worse the people that tend to do this never seem to have anything interesting to say, and then they tend to linger in your conversation like they were in it then whole time. I think that these people must think that they are a lot more important then they are because somehow they have granted themselves the right to interrupt people because what they say is so amazing everyone will surely want to hear it too. Luckily this is something that most normal people have got out of their systems by coming to terms with the fact that they are not interesting.

Chris’ rant # 105

#7 – and then what?

Every once in a while you meet people that no matter how nice they are and how much you like then they like to know everything. These people are the ones that most likely gossip about other people, and like to ask questions about what you did and with whom and like to know what you are getting at restaurants. Now to clarify these people who I am talking about are different then people that are just interested in your life, these people seam to know everything about other people and well anything else as well. There is that little something more in these people that just annoys the hell out of me, its like they tend to ask so many questions that you actually don’t want to tell then any more information and when you hit that point they still want to know more. The reason why this is so high on the list is because I have met people in the past that I have liked a lot but just have this small characteristic about them that means you have to deal with it more often if you get lucky enough to find someone like this.