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Thursday, September 29, 2005

Chris’ rant # 153

Ok funny story, well I hope it is funny. So I met this girls boyfriend a couple of days ago and he seemed like a nice enough guy but the funny thing was that when I went to shake his hand I had this surge of testosterone and male dominance came over me and I punched him in the face. Well, I didn’t actually punch him as much as I just shook his hand with the force of a hundred normal men. The funny thing came when after I realized that I shook his hand with impressive strength I realized that he was shaking my hand almost as hard as I was. I guess I just beat him in the hand-shaking department. Either way I thought about it and it is funny because I know that it is not the first time I have done it and just to make sure that I am not crazy I asked others and they confirmed that they have shaken other guys hands hard just to prove something? What was I proving? I don’t know. What was he doing when he was the one with the girlfriend? I don’t know. Either way, its funny that somewhere in the inner working of my mind I thought that shaking this guy’s hand really hard would prove that I was the alpha male between us. Guys are funny in that way, I could make up the stupidest thing, that anyone can do, and guys will fight to the death about being the best especially if there is a girl involved. After all most guys think with heir head.

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Chris’ rant # 152

Well ill make this short but that guy that talks to me in my logic class. Well he finally decided that he would sit by me every day, and he always tries to make small talk. just yesterday he tried to start a conversation about how he has a favorite pencil, of which I quickly replied "I don’t, what makes yours so special", he said that he just thought that it gave him good luck for the test and I said "I don’t need luck", and continued to review for the test. If only he was a hot girl, oh well, maybe one day he will get the point

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Chris’ rant # 151

Sorry if this gets someone in trouble.
Sorry if this upsets you.
So funny story, I was talking to my friend and he says that my ex wants to know if her and I are still friends. Well this question is not entirely unusual after all after she went back to Truman I have not spoken to her and you usually talk to your friends. But on the other end she has not tried to get a hold of me if you don’t count her asking one of my friends to be a go between, which is one of the worst jobs in the world for anyone. Well this took me by surprise for two reasons, one, although I have not contacted her likewise she has not contacted me, has this upset me? Not really, I guess I just assume that when you break up you drift apart, the thing that held two people together is gone and well… that’s it. Two, she had to ask one of my friends to ask me, now last time I checked I was pretty close to an adult and I thought that she was more mature then I am so a go between was completely unnecessary. And by the way I said I was sorry in the beginning and I know I have never said that before in one of my rants so I just want to clarify. Sorry if this gets my friend in some type of trouble, be mad at me if mad is to be going around, he is a good guy I’m the ass. And sorry if this upsets you, because sometime you say sorry when people experience something you don’t like, even if you cant control it.

Chris’ rant # 150

Chivalry, Is it dead? Well this is a good question and I think that the answerer is defiantly no. I personally like to do nice things for ladies, open up doors, flowers, pay for meals, well at least at first you should. I also know a lot of other guys that treat women like true ladies so it’s not just me. Either way chivalry is not dead, however I do believe that it is being killed slowly by, you guessed it, women. First of all, when I open up a door for someone it is not saying that I think that they are not capable of opening it on their own, it is being nice. I am completely aware that women can function without the help of a man; hell my mom raised me as a single parent, when guys are nice sometimes it is just that, being nice for nice sake. And now we come to my rant. One thing that urkes me to no end is when you do something chivalrous and the girl says something like, “oh you are so sweet, I wish more guys would do that” “oh thank you, I wish my boyfriend would do that for me once and a while” or “that’s so nice, I would never date you” girls don’t actually say this last one but trust me it is what they mean. For some reason and this goes back to the nice guys finish last clause that was written in the book of “life just sucks sometimes”, girls want the person they are with to treat them well, but they just don’t want to date someone that treat them like they should be treated. I would assume that if I met someone nice and they treated me better then my current relationship does then I would think about changing people instead of trying to change a person. It seems now that the door holder, the chivalrous guy, has become the door mat, the guy you can walk all over. It doesn’t make sense but I have given up trying to understand women. I guess I will just continue being nice and hopefully one day it will make me come out on top until then I will just fume on the inside and rant occasionally.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Blog assignment #2

The first blog, ground zero, seemed to be just a lot of the usual and some of the unusual conspiracy theories, aliens, UFO’s and Batman. Either way I found it at least interesting and entertaining to read. He did have some Ideas that I have never thought before, probably because I don’t sit around and try and make up stories. The second blog by David Icke seemed mostly about the control that the government has and had kind of a big brother feel to it. the most interesting thing about his site is that no matter where I looked there was something to buy. He seems to have written a lot of books and seems very eager to sell them to me and I think that makes him an impressive scam artist. I personally think all the stuff on both of these sites is crap, I’m sure that is some alternative world one of these guys might be right once and then we have the making of a crappy 1997 movie staring Mel Gibson called conspiracy theory. Either way there is no way to back up these claims and both sites do a pathetic job trying to which ruin the validity even more. The only reason that these blogs could be featured in the rolling stones is because people like to be entertained, it is interesting to read them and maybe you think that some of it could be true but just like reading a scary book that freaks you out when you stop reading you come back to the real world and you move on. On the issue of freedom of speech I don’t think that we should limit what people can post, as long as its not hurting anyone then let the people post as much mad up knowledge as they want

Saturday, September 17, 2005

Chris’ rant # 149

Ok well today I did habitat for humanity and I would just like to say that I had a great time… well I had a good time… well I had on ok time… ok well it was crap on a stick for the first 4 hours, but the last hour was almost good. We spent 4 hours trying to correct for the people that worked on the siding the day before us. In the end we put up a good deal of boards, net 8, total boards put up 15+, total boards taken down you can do the math, then someone came back to look at the job that they have seen many times before and told us to take it down and it was wrong, so we did and were back to a total net put up of 3. Needless to say I cant stand it when people don’t do what they need to do but when the problem lies in what people did that aren’t even there then it just urkes me more. Then the last hour something happened awesome, we fixed the problem, cut new boards around the window and ended up back where we finished last time at about 9-10 total boards up. We didn’t go as far as I wanted but oh well, we helped at least a little and fixed the problem so maybe the next people to work on it, not me, will do better. That I think covers it and I feel better now that I have taken a shower and am away form that death siding.

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Chris’ rant # 148

So I have wanting to write this forever but It still doesn’t hold true in my logic class. People are predictable creatures and in class most people sit in the same seats every day. Now I’m not complaining because I know where I am going to sit in each of my classes which means that I never get stuck by the smelly kid or the kid that tries to talk to you all the time. Except for my logic class, for some reason people cat get a permanent seat. Now I have my seat and I would be royally pissed if someone took it but the seat next to me has changed every day and it finally got on my nerves today because I sat next to the smelly kid that likes to talk to you. Luckily if things hold constant he will not be there on Thursday but I really wish that maybe one of the 5 hot girls in class sit there or at least the guy who doesn’t talk to me, or even the girl who writes everything the teacher says, or the guy that doesn’t get to sit by his friends so he looks around the hole day, or maybe just maybe if I’ lucky an empty chair. Either way I really hope that people just start sitting in the same place because I am not a fan of the smelly guy

Chris’ rant # 147

Ok so here is something that I have noticed that other classes are much different from my med school classes. Now not all the differences are bad for example people actually answer the teacher when they ask question instead of just sitting there waiting for the answer people actually try. Now there are some problems like people actually talk and that just leaves some people open for stupidity. Most of the examples that have some to me have been from my logic and religion class because my other classes are mostly open opinion discussion where no one is right or wrong so I’m sure we all sound stupid to the teacher. Either way people ask some stupid questions and I will try to keep you all updated on any special moments as the year goes on. I will leave you with the fact that in my first two classes people were asking for the syllabus, which I thought was weird that you would not have it but the fact that it happened in both of my first two classes and I know the people that got them were not new people royally confused me, I always thought the syllabus was important and if I know anything it is where they are because then you know what you have to do in the class. Oh well, its not like the teacher of my religion class has told us when we have "pop" quizzes and people still are surprised when they come up. Maybe I am just hyper-intuitive, when I hear teachers say "make sure you read chapter 3 we may have a quiz over it" that means you have a quiz. Or when you hear "the quizzes on the books web site look a lot like mine" what means the quizzes on the Internet are the exact same as mine. Maybe some day the other kids in the class will catch on.

Thursday, September 08, 2005

Chris’ rant # 146

Ok so I’m getting ready to go to bed and I wanted to type something quick before bed… actually I’m not that good at typing so I didn’t really type that quick it was more of a steady medium pace. So here it is, I heard this story about a cop that they arrested in New Orleans for looting. Now at first I thought that this was just a interesting coincidence but after more thought I came to realize the true nature of this. During another devastating disaster, 9/11, police and firefighter from all over the city headed to the twin towers to do whatever they could to help whoever they could help. Now a couple of years later another disaster and a cop is looting. A great stand up man I’m sure he is. Now I cant judge too much, after he did just loose everything, but I don’t know if he lost any of those plasma TVs he was steeling. I just don’t understand how at a time when people should band together to help their fellow man, instead people do what comes best to them, steel, I guess I hope that if something happened here that if I needed something I would not have to ask the first person that I saw that didn’t have their arms full of stoles goods and instead I might not need to ask because at a time of crisis people should just help other people because it’s the right thing to do. But maybe people have forgotten what that is?

Monday, September 05, 2005

Blog assignment #1

I have used my blog for a while now and mostly I just try to find comical ways to complain about any random thing I can think of and in that way I can reach many people not I that I think a lot of people read it but it is fun. I personally don’t treat it like a personal journal because I only right what I want people to read and when I right to myself I just keep it in a file in a dark corner of m computer so no one reads it, I cant say weather the difference between a blogg is better or worse it is just different and unique. I do believe that blogs do transcend normal boundaries of media. It is in fact true free press. Anyone can right any opinion that they have and others can read it and comment. It has great potential for use for politics, world views, or just over opinionated college students that like to be heard when they have no other media to act through. Also it has changed communication, my sister is 16 and she has a site and all her friends do too and they always add things and talk to each other through it even more so then using AIM, but not more then her cell phone I swear that thing is glued to her face. The biggest reason that I like my blog is because I am not the goodest person at grammar and spelling, but I like righting and ranting so I get to do what I like and not have it torn apart by an English teacher, although some of my friends are close.
In my English class we have to put righting assignments on a blog so they will be labeled blog assignment #_ read them if you like.

Friday, September 02, 2005

Chris’ rant # 145

Ok first of if you have not read harry potter and care about being surprised by then end then don’t read this.

Why do people enjoy ruining things like HP. I have always been amazed by peoples ability to wish to destroy, or ruin or other wise make someone unhappy. True story: one day while I was at the Y I decided to see how much people would tear something down so I made a pile of floating stuff that required balance and skill and just watched through out the day how many people messed with it. Now in my eyes this was a thing of beauty, perfect balance at its best but at least 7 time in 10 hours someone tore it down and walked away. These people were not little 2 year olds but about 7-15 year olds. I actually asked the 15yr old why he did it but he thought he was in trouble so he fed me some bull like it slipped. Anyway, people have been ruining HP just the same way, for no reason they go around telling the ending and for those who haven’t read it they have the book ruined for then. Now this is not the end of the world I am aware but it’s the principle of the issue. Its just upsetting to see people get such pleasure off of peoples suffering, now suffering might be pushing it but if it is the same idea and that seams to be what people what to get from it. Oh well, some days I am amazed by the human sprit to succeed and rebuild like we have seen on 911 or with the hurricane but other days I simply slump my head and shake it at the crap people make others go through. By the way I didn’t ruin the book yet, harry dies, sorry.

Thursday, September 01, 2005

sorry for not ranting

Well just a warning I’m going to start writhing again. I have campus this semester and probably starting tomorrow I will at least try and post 5 a week, believe me I have the amo