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Saturday, July 12, 2008

2+ hours

Today I went to my behavioral clinic and went in to my patients room at like 9:30 and didn’t leave from that room until 12. the last 15-20 min were spent with the attending and the family giving my 15 min summary of the 2+ hour interview.

So what did I do you 2 hours, I talked and listened, this kid is messed up, and there were 4 parents in the room, telling me every fact about this kid as well as the most thorough HPI, PHM, SH, FH, and a 2 page ROS. We will do the physical exam next week, because the child was not in the room, after all it is hard for parents to tell how out of control and scary their kid is when he is in the room.

The best part was the end, so I had just spent 2 hours in a room talking to parents, spent 20min presenting, and then the attending talked to the parents for at lest 5. we walk out of the room and the attending looks at me and tells me that my presentation was one of the best full presentations she has heard, she congratulated me on my summary but then more so told me that the manor of which I did it was perfect, she told me that I did it in a completely nonaccusatory, nonjudgmental way that cant be taught. She also told me that I have already found my nitch and thinks I should go into behavioral medicine. It was the best complement that I have ever received as a Dr. it was awesome.


  • At 9:08 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    wow. good job. You and Niki can open a clinic together...


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