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Friday, September 22, 2006


So now that our main character had come across these walls he now face an actual decision. By now he has weighed the past, the future and any problems that may exist. Simply said he must ask a girl out

Now, to you that have ever actually put your self on the line, walked up to the cliff, weighed your options and leaped, you could agree that it feels for that moment, the slight second before an answer comes that you are falling, and waiting to either come crashing down to the ground in bitter bitter defeat or some how take flight. for those of you that haven’t I think that everyone should at least once, just to understand what it is like. I’ve thought about why it is so hard and what I am afraid of and I think that it comes down to either one of two options. One, if you don’t know the person that well then you are being shot down for more superficial reasons, no = your ugly, sorry neither of us can help that. Two, if you know the person well then you are being shot down because the person thinks that they can do better then you, no = I like you enough to hand out with you but you are not attractive enough to make up for your personality or your personality does not make up for your looks, sorry I know I can do better then you. Its sad but that is what is heard because there has to be a reason.

Monday, September 18, 2006

3. Hardship

now many things in the world are easy to decide like brushing your teeth in the morning. For everything else well that’s the hard stuff. So I was walking around and low and behold I stumble across a diamond now I know what your thinking that must be pretty rare, well your right, so when that happens one tries to take advantage of the situation. I tried to keep this diamond with me enjoying the small nuances and then I see it… a crack, damn it. now its not a big crack but it is there. The hardship is that usually when you see the crack in your diamond its new enough that no matter how much you try to just appreciate the greatness of what you have found you come back to that damn crack, that small imperfection that pulls your eyes away from what you have. Its hard sometimes , some imperfections are big enough that once found you know that you could never get past it and you try so hard but no matter how much effort is put forth it will always be there. Then there is that other crack the one that starts just like any other but you leave it and somehow you fine things deep with in this rock you have found that start to make you want to explore this mystery of this flawed rock that is so impeccably amazing. Soon the memory of the crack is there and if you look you could find it but it has become so meaningless that you simply ignore it. Lastly there is, what I call the great imperfection, it is just like the above it is found and pondered but instead of ignoring it, over time you notice that this small imperfection that others may see as atrocious, to you simply helps scatter the light of beauty that shines constantly from this simple stone that most may just see as a stone and yet you see it every day as what it is…

Sometimes the most valuable diamond is tossed aside for something as worthless as a perfect diamond.

2. Fear of the unknown

if the fear of the known is scary then want about the fear of the things that live in hiding waiting to surprise you. Here is what I have learned about fearing what you don’t know. Although yes it can surprise you and bite you in the ass the thing about the unknown is that sometimes the unknown is great. it might not seem great at first but give it time and it can grow on you. Sure walking on your nice line that you have made for yourself is nice too but really save most of your fear for the things that you know you should fear like having a 600 pound ladies leg crush you.

I wold rather be ripped apart by the truth then live alone in the darkness of the unknown

Saturday, September 09, 2006

1. Fear of the known

Ever day we come across new things. New in the sense that we live every day encountering new experiences. Even if the day is the same as the last, we at least have the ability to remember the past giving us the ability to live a new life or just move blindly in a line. The problem being we have memory. In theory we live, and learn, then use this new information to advance us in a positive direction. But sometimes we live and learn that living hurts like hell. I guess the trick to remember that the past is the past and that no matter how similar things may seem to something in the past it is only the same until it is the same. That being said as clearly as I can put together my words, pain is not a fun thing I for one avoid it as much as possible but I honestly wish I didn’t. I’m not a masochist or anything but I do know that somehow some of my best experiences have come from things that I knew could rip me apart but I did it any way, of course some of my worst memories were times that I was right. So how do we… I, choose what to do? Well if I had then answer to that I would not be writing this. I guess its not the facts that push me but the hope that in the end ill be ok.

Friday, September 08, 2006

The problem

So there once was this boy, completely average in every way, he was mildly clever but he knew that one looking for anything rarely finds what they are expecting, so after years of frantic searching he had decided to let fate take him by the hand and be a passive player in the game that so many of us believe we have some say in. he moved around the world and few took notice but this is how he wanted it to be, one day by the fates of a minor football soccer difference he found the thing he never knew existed. This is the part of the story where our meager hero finds that the path to what is wanted is froth with hardship and even more dangerous is the indecision that can follow the fear of the unknown but even more so the fear of the known, simply stated the past.

Monday, September 04, 2006

My lifeish

Well here is a good story I will try to keep it brief it may have more parts then one but then again so does my life I think, I hope so to catch people up who might be out of the loop and those of you who read this are probably in the loop but I think I will have fun putting this down and hope that I am the only one reading this. First of all I met someone, and not just anyone but my red delicious, secondly I still have like 6 months of crap but I will keep you posted and try to be as thrilling as possible.