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Thursday, December 29, 2005

Chris rant #179

Studying sucks, I know this is not as ground breaking as my usual rants but it’s the truth, I hope all of you have a good new year and I willl try to get a good year in review rant by at least the first but for now I just wanted to let you all know that I wish that life was like the matrix and you could just download that entire step 1 information in my head but hell where is the fun in that.

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Chris’ rant # 178

Ok so this rant is actually about ranting, you see I have a problem. I had a really good month, so I thought, and so for some reason I didn’t feel like complaining so I couldn’t get myself mad enough to actually right something here. Well then the month ended and not surprisingly I got screwed. Not the kind of screw that I almost wish I got but the kind that almost rips your heart out, that is, if you heart was not already scarred up so much from all the other times it was almost ripped out then it would come out. Either way then I get into a nice period of time when I could write a page rant on how I have to water my plant, except that it would sound awful because my plant didn’t do anything and I love henry II as much as I can love an inanimate object, plus any rant would be full of bitterness that was focussed in the wrong direction. Well now I’m back to normal, whatever that is, and I will start to write more so thanks for not giving up on me all.

Thursday, December 08, 2005

Blog Prompt #10

Although I am not the biggest fan of formal writing I do believe that the practice of expressing yourself in words is extremely important in the fact that you will always need to do it and it is a good way to make yourself sound better on applications and other documents if you know how to express yourself. In this new age of technology there are many opportunities to get your word out and your opinion heard, even if just a few of your friends read it. The new age of technology allows anyone with a computer to put out almost anything to almost anyone and with this there is a great expanse of both beautiful things to read and express on the internet, but there is also so much crap that can be allowed to be widely distributed. However much I dislike the writing process I greatly enjoy expressing myself and that is why even before this class I had a blog, in this way I can hope to entertain others or just at least write to no one but myself. I personally will not use much writing in my career, I’ going to be a Doctor for a reason and that is because science is my thing, and more specifically writing is not. Right now I probably use writing in med school as much if not more then I will when I am an actual doctor. I see patients and then using a simple and exact format write about the encounter. I use simple facts and the key in all my writing in the future will be to simplify the information, giving important information only and ignoring information that will just clutter up the space. I will have to write out some prescriptions but to be honest the way things are going we do more and more on the computer and one day we may do no real writing at all. Personally my idea of writing has changed very little in this semester. I enjoyed all the class discussion that we had and I think if anything the open format of all our papers made it possible for me to write about whatever I wanted. In this way I was not limited and every topic I chose was something that not only did I choose but also it was something that I was interested in making the writing process enjoyable. I know that if I ever wanted to write anything that I will always have to use the help of others and I think that it is nice to know that I have people to help me and that if I have problems then I can find a easy solution to solve it. I think mostly I learned from this course that writing in a technical fashion can be enjoyable as long as you believe in what you are saying and you have a reason for saying it. Also from the class I learned that a bunch of different people in a room can get some things done, even if you have to just shut up and enjoy the bickering of others to move on.