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Friday, February 24, 2006

Chris’ rant # 187

So today while driving home I got stuck in some traffic because a sign said that the right lane was closed so naturally people started to move over to prepare for the massive lack of lane space, but when we got to the cones there was no lane that was closed just a on ramp which I guess could be considered a short lane but not enough to warrant a sign saying lane closed but a more appropriate sign saying exit closed. Either way I was slowed down and once again I am amazed by the fact that for once people listened to traffic signs only to have their faith in them ruined by the stupidity of the meaning behind them. Way to build up trust just to break us down once again, go life, go traffic, go sign.

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Chris’ rant # 186

Ok so someone wrote this on my last rant, "What a bummer of a site. Play sports, get a girlfriend. Be happy". Well this might just be what I need to get my rants going again so mr anonymous if you are out there thanks. Well first of all my site is not a bummer and if you want to comment on my site then please give me that address of yours so I can compare it to a truly great site. Secondly play sports? Well I think I have you there because I work out like 5 times a week and finally did my first triathlon last week and finished second so kiss my ass I bet I could beat yours pretty bad. Third, get a girlfriend? Well, easier said then done, I myself am not such a ladies man so if you have any advice please tell me but I am working on it and that is the best I can do for now. Lastly be happy? Well I like to think of myself as a happy person, I have my days like everyone else but on the whole I think that I look at the world as a beautiful place that everyone should enjoy, I just like to point out the funny things that happen and rant about it like when people comment on my blog and don’t leave their name for some reason because it is a lot easier to be anonymously mean then it is to grow some balls and leave a name or at least a fake funny name that I can get some enjoyment, its hard to be happy when strangers take time out of their day to tall you that your site sucks, assume you are not athletic and make fun of your women problems, so thanks mr anonymous.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Chris’ rant #185

First of all I am behind on these rants, I don’t exactly think that people read them but I find it at least relaxing to type so to those of you who I promise 100 a year I am shy of that and I will try to make it up to you

Secondly, V-day, what can I say except that it inherently sucks, some people that are in relationships say it sucks too but you know that they are lying and I think that actually makes me madder then V-day

Chris’ rant # 184

so we had pledge in and this ass didn’t let us light candles because it is a fire hazard, well I cant argue that fire is not a fire hazard but I can wonder the danger of having candles lit when they are surrounded by over 50 people in a simi circle. I guess rules are important but sometimes it really is ok to bend a little bit. Not that I exactly bend, well but I at least except others to, call me a hypocrite, I call me honest.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Chris’ rant #183

Ok so I go to panera yesterday and when you go you give your name to the people and then they will announce your name so you can get your order. When the people takes my name I always give then the name Christopher because it is long and easier to hear, unless the person calling the names is foreign and has a thick accent, because I know that if I was going to give some one a job that has an accent then it would defiantly be to call out peoples names over an intercom that barley gets sound out, that way no one knows who was called. So to solve this I give the name Christopher so it is long and I can just listen for the length and not the muffled sound of someone trying to pronounce a name. But today was different. The lady says "name?" I say "Christopher" then the girl types in the name and stops, looks up at me and says "is just Chris ok?" then I looked at her and said "I’m sorry to bother you, is typing in those 6 more letters too much work, it must be hard to take peoples name and type them, I’m so sorry to inconvenience you and you can completely ignore my name I gave you, and type in kiss my ass instead" well that’s not exactly what I said but you get the idea. I really just said yes but people are lazy and I just don’t understand.

Chris’ rant # 182

Ok so it might not be a big surprise to some of you but I really dislike most people especially annoying ones. Now some of you may be saying "I don’t like annoying people either" well then I guess we are the same in this manor. Well today I was going to study in my office and let me state again that this way my unit that I was in. I get up there and I find that there are two people in my unit that I don’t know, well I do know them but they are not members of the exclusive club called my unit and neither of them are in another club called my or anyone in my units friends. So I try to study but not only do these people stay in the unit that is not theirs but they talk. OMG, it would not have bothered me too much but they talked about hair and boys and other people and basically all of those annoying things that girls talk about that I don’t really care about. But they stayed. Now I’m not an expert at the med school but I am sure that there are more places to be loud. But they stayed, and stayed and stayed, why don’t people go to places where they would bother no one and talk about stupid stuff there, did I mention that one of them said "I would totally be like, oh my god" I trailed off then it was awful. It just amazes me how blind people are to other people. Well actually it doesn’t amaze me; I see it all the time.